We got a copy of the agenda for the Strategic Planning board meeting on the 26th and the Mobberley sites have not been put forward by the planning team as ‘Core Strategy Sites’ hence they’re not being put forward for discussion.  On the face of it this sounded like great news!!  So does that mean the developments wont go ahead?

Unfortunately its not at simple as that 😐 I contacted the spatial planning team via email and this is what they said:

“The Strategic Planning Board (SPB) are not being asked to consider including them in the Core Strategy. The list of sites that is to be considered by SPB however is not final and could be subject to change. It is also possible that those promoting the land for inclusion in the Core Strategy may submit a representation to the next stage of the production of the document (called the ‘Publication Core Strategy’); this is likely to take place later this year. If so, then they could also request that their case is considered by the independent Inspector, at the Examination into the Core Strategy which will take place in 2014.

Please also be aware that, as part of the Local Plan, the Council will also be producing a ‘Site Allocations’ document which will deal with smaller, non-strategic development sites. Work on this document is programmed to start next year.”

So, long the and short of it is there’s good news that after doing the consultation and getting local feedback the council *at the moment* believe expanding Mobberley should not be part of Cheshire East’s core strategy to provide housing for the next 15 years.  Knutsford and Wilmslow however will be and they both have numerous large sites in the report. The report also details the level of objection to building in Mobberley including the e-petition and paper petition that I sent to them last week which influenced their decision so well done to everyone on that!!

The sites *could* be promoted to the core strategy or be part of the ‘Smaller Sites Allocations’ document, due to be completed next year. And even after all that, LPC Living & Ilfords could appeal the decision and take it to court.

So the wheels of Local Government roll slowly onwards, a battle has been won but the war lingers on. If anyone has the time an inclination to go through the reams of pdf documents on all this, follow the link below 😉

UPDATE: As the council have decided to extend the consultation on the Core Strategy document due to pressure from residents across the county, there is a chance they may appear in the revised document, so its important to let the council know our opinions during this process.